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Tashi Delek,


At Himalayan Arts gift shop in New Paltz you will enjoy a truly majestic and cultural shopping experience. You will have the opportunity to see the most interesting, beautiful and exotic items from the Himalayan region. Below we show you some highlights of what you will find in our shop. 

Summer clothing:   Summer dressess, Pants, Tee Shirts and More...

We have a variety of unique handcrafted jewelry in silver, gold-plated, turquoise, coral and other semi-precious stones.  

Jewelry Counter

We carry colorful prayer flags, incense, thankas, rosaries, prayer wheels, bells and other religious and cultural artifacts from Nepal.

Tibetan Rugs

In our clothing section you will find handmade wool jackets, sweaters, hats, gloves, mittens, boots, purses, bags, belts and shawls from Nepal. 

We also carry post-cards, CD's, posters and t-shirts of the Himalayan regions.

We carry Om design t-shirts and hats made by a local artist. 

You will find curios, gifts, handicrafts and accessories to give or enhance your own décor and fashion.  

Tibetan Wool Clothing
Tibetan Wool and Silk Scarves
Singing Bowls

All the information about our merchandise and the Himalayan cultures, languages and Buddhism is proudly provided to you by Himalayan Arts.


The majority of our merchandise is Fair-Trade business. Please visit us for a unique shopping experience.

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